CaseWare Financials Print Preview Hotfix Released


Posted by Jamie Black

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Software: CaseWare Financials 

Version Affected: Financials 13.00

Announcement Date: January 4, 2016

CaseWare International has recently been made aware of an issue where the financial statements stop working when print preview is accessed multiple times in very specific circumstances.

The issue is related to the use of the Format 4: Detailed tables of contents and the addition of external documents (e.g. PDFs, Word or Excel) into the financial statements. If you are using version 13 of the Financials template and the Format 4: Detailed tables of contents, a hotfix is available to ensure that you will not encounter this problem.

You are able to determine which version of the Table of Contents you are using by navigating to the Table of Contents tab and verifying that the Configuration button in the Properties grouping is present.


If the Configuration button is displayed, please contact to receive the hotfix created to resolve this issue.

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Originally Posted on 12 January, 2016

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