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Software: CaseWare Financials 

Old Version: Financials 12.00

New Version: Financials 13.00

Release Date: July 27, 2015

There have been significant changes to the existing features. Here's a list some of the more noteworthy items:

1. The Knowledge Library now uses a ribbon interface

  • Template content authors have gotten used to switching contexts between the library interface and the financial statement interface. CaseWare has unified the design of the two interfaces, although as before there are important differences in the two ribbons due to the different tasks to be performed in the two contexts. Read more...

2. New ways to create and manage custom themes (stylesheets)

  • While working in the library, you can now save any user specific changes to a new custom style sheet that can be shared between other users. Read more...

  • Template content authors can now create custom stylesheets directly from their work in the knowledge libraries.

  • The Styles and Formatting dialog enables you to update the appearance of the entire financial statements, selected areas, or a specific paragraph, column, row, or table. You can also use the Styles and Formatting dialog to update the style on which your cursor is selected to a themes. Read more...

  • Financial statement preparers can now update their custom stylesheet with their work from in the financial statements.

3. Can re-assert the Template standard settings in the financial statements.

  • As a firm author, you can apply the default settings from the CL- Organization Standards document in to the financial statements. Read more...

  • Users can now apply the standards configured in the Organization Standards (CL) document, overwriting any changes made directly in the ribbon of the statements.

4. Big changes to the interface for tables and table columns

  • Financials provides the ability to modify the properties of any table in the template. Advanced CaseView users will be familiar with the properties in the Table Column Properties dialog, as many of the options are available in the CaseView Table menu when Properties is selected. Read more...

  • There has been a redesign of the interface for tables and table columns. For the most part the features are unchanged but the interaction is more efficient and with a modern look and feel that integrates better with the other visual elements of CaseView and the Financials template.

There are some major new features worthy of your consideration:

1. Monthly Management Reports

  • The Monthly Management Reporting feature will assist users in generating monthly management reports to stakeholders about the performance of the organization. The information in the reports is derived from financial data and will demonstrate trends in the organization as well as how the organization is performing in relation to its budgets. Read more...

  • CaseWare has added pre-written content and tools to assist in the preparation of monthly reports designed to assist in management of your organization.

2. Management Discussion and Analysis

  • Management Discussion and Analysis feature will assist corporations and governments to produce the Management Discussion and Analysis section of the Financial Statements to stakeholders. Read more...

  • CaseWare has added pre-written content and tools to assist in the preparation of the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section of your financial report.

  • At the time of writing, the documentation and information about this new feature is relatively sparse.

For a comprehensive list of new features and updates visit the CaseWare site here. 

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Originally Posted on 22 October, 2015

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