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CaseWare Financials 14.00 

Software: CaseWare Financials 

Prior Version: Financials 13.00

New Version: Financials 14.00

Release Date: August  23, 2016

There have been significant changes to the existing features. Here's a list some of the more noteworthy items:

1. For those reporting under GASB new cash flow worksheets by major/minor funds has been added:

  • Statement of Cash Flows Proprietary Funds

  • Non-major Enterprise Funds Combining Statement of Cash Flows

  • Internal Service Funds Combining Statement of Cash Flows

2. New functionality in libraries:

  • Tagging content to industries is now available for Template authors. See more…
  • Content for additional statement areas can now be based on standard statement libraries.
3. DIY Tables Enhancements
  • The Table Column Properties dialog now has a new Auto fit all columns option to redistribute column widths among remaining columns in a DIY table with skipped/hidden columns. See more…

  • A new Switch entity/mapping selector locations option is now available to switch the location of the entity and mapping selectors in a DIY table.See more...
  • The Replicate DIY table option has been expanded to support note and section libraries. See more...

For a comprehensive list of new features and updates visit the CaseWare site here.

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Originally Posted on 30 August, 2016

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