Important Notice: CaseWare Financials Template Version 17

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We have learned of a bug affecting version 17 of CaseWare's Financials Template.

Versions Impacted: Version 17 of Financials ASPE, IFRS, US GAAP & GASB. 

Recommendation:  If you are not on version 17 of the Financials Template, do not update your  template until this bug is resolved.

If you are on version 17 of the Financials Template:

  1. Consider restoring your version 16 template backup if no significant work has been done since that backup was taken or
  2. Apply the work around identified below prior to editing a DIY table column.

Status: CaseWare International is aware of and is actively assessing this issue. A resolution is forthcoming.

How do I know if I am on version 17?

Check your template version by launching CaseWare Working Papers, without opening any files: navigate to File - Templates - Select your Financials Template - Properties. Note: if you do not see a financials template listed, you do not have this product and are not affected by the issue.

What's the issue?

Do It Yourself (DIY) Table column subtotal formulas are modified and potentially broken. Specifically, if a user accesses the 'Edit Column' dialog and clicks the "OK" button (regardless of any changes being made to column specifications) all subtotal formulas in the edited column will be set to group subtotals without user request or confirmation. This may result in the wrong sub-totals in most, if not all, scenarios. 


If you have already updated to Version 17, it is important that you take these steps before modifying table column properties to ensure your tables subtotals are not lost.

You can work around this bug by applying the attribute "Keep cell properties" to each and every subtotals for the column you wish to edit.

To apply this attribute to a subtotal row:

  1. Select a subtotal row
  2. Choose the Table Tools ribbon
  3. Click on the Attributes button
  4. Select Row Properties
  5. Check the "Keep cell properties" option.

Our clients are invited to book a support call with one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss the issue and assist in taking the appropriate steps to ensure that your content is protected.


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Originally Posted on 22 November, 2019

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