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CaseWare files are naturally multi-user. Typically each user has Working Papers loaded on their local
workstation and the file (year-end / quarter-end etc.) is kept on the server.

When remote users need to connect to your CaseWare files or if you have VERY LARGE Working Papers files, the SmartSync version of Working Papers is the preferred solution.

CaseWare’s SmartSync is the advanced collaboration engine for CaseWare Working Papers. It provides its users with anytime, anywhere access to critical data. 

Multiple users, in multiple locations, are able to collaborate together on their Working Papers files in real time. Even better, it doesn’t require new infrastructure, additional servers or new hardware.

OverviewSmartSync logo:

Advanced CaseWare File-Sharing:

Each user gets a local copy of the file to work on, giving them the best possible performance and the most efficient CaseWare SmartSync file sharinguse of their time.  As long as the users have network connections (online), they are able to instantly see the work of their colleagues - whether those colleagues are across the boardroom table, or across the country.

Using “SyncSelect” technology, only the portion of the file that has been modified is synchronized with the team. This saves time and bandwidth, while ensuring everyone is looking at the latest information.  There are no interruptions as you wait for other parties check in their file before proceeding. If you re-open a file that you haven't looked at in a while, the pending changes from the other team members are automatically added to the file as you open it, ensuring you always have the most current information.

Managing Conflicts:

When team members collaborate, sometimes their work overlaps. That's when SmartSync's automatic conflict resolution steps in to merge their work together to keep project momentum up. If the automatic algorithms cannot merge the work, all team members receive a notification and can decide on a resolution with a full audit log of action taken, and the ability to reverse any decisions made.

If you're interested in the improved performance and collaboration that SmartSync offers, you have 3 options to implement it:

  1. File System Synchronization - You can run SmartSync in-house using standard Microsoft Windows network shared folders.
  2. CaseWare Cloud - For a much more robust SmartSync implementation that be used across the internet without any need for a VPN, consider the CaseWare Cloud. Your files are stored in the cloud using industry best practices for encryption and disaster recovery technologies. For more information on this version, visit the Cloud site here.
  3. Self-hosted SmartSync Server - For users who want the most robust infrastructure for SmartSync, but want it self-hosted rather than through CaseWare Cloud. Keep in mind a dedicated IT department is required to help manage the system. Server Requirements can be found here.

SmartSync for Working Papers brings together teams in ways that were never possible before: 

“Old restrictions have been lifted. We can assign staff to the projects they are best suited for without being constrained by geography or inclement weather or time zones.” Jessica Richter CPA, Audit Manager

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Originally Posted on 23 October, 2015

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