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CaseWare's financial reporting solutions have been providing massive benefits to more than 500,000 users around the world since the first version was released back in 1988.

How? By providing the most sophisticated features in the industry. Each of our "Feature Spotlight" articles discuss one of these features.

Importing Data

Complex reports like annual financial statements, CAFRs and Budget Books are built from large, complex data sets. In fact, they may require data from several sources; general ledger data, budget data, performance measures (number of staff per department etc.), even sub-ledger data. In many tools, integration to your data sources can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. CaseWare Working Papers makes this process extremely simple. 

Not only does Working Papers offer dozens of direct integrations to popular ERP systems, it has a very flexible Import Wizard designed to bring data in from nearly any source. In 5 steps you (not IT and a room full of programmers) will have your data in CaseWare:

  1. Once you have identified the report(s) in your ERP or budget software that has the data you need, save it as an Excel or Text file.
  2. Identify the Excel or Text file to be imported.Identfy the file to import
  3. Define the columns of your Excel / Text file. CaseWare supports importing nearly every value and modifier you are likely to need: current actuals, prior actuals, budgets, forecasts, foreign exchange rates, and any groupings you may have already defined elsewhere.Define the columns to be imported

  4. Customize the import process to create exactly the Working Papers file you need using the advanced specifications. Do you want to exclude $0 accounts?  Round all of your balances to dollars?. Advanced properties can even be used to automatically calculate net activity from ending balances.Specfiy default values
  5. Save all these settings so that next time you run the import (an hour from now or next year), all of these settings will be remembered! 

Want to see it in action? This 3-minute video will show you how fast and easy it is to import your data into CaseWare Working Papers:


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Originally Posted on 15 March, 2016

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