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When does the Public Sector Accounting Board ("PSAB") matter to you? It is a good question to ask ourselves. As professional accountants our plates are full. In fact they are heaping with deadlines for operational and project work, never mind the stuff that gets thrown over the fence. Many of us we only begin caring about a particular PSAB topic based on the Effective Date for Adoption. The equation becomes:

[Effective Date] - [# of staff hours to implement the change] = [Date I starting thinking about it]

The biggest problem with this approach (only being concerned with the Effective Dates) is that government finance departments are always rushing to respond and react to the latest crisis. You are missing the opportunity to have input into how the standards are modified or introduced for adoption. Considering the impact that our ever changing standards have on how we report out and also operate our organization's you would think we would prioritize participation. For example, consider the potential impact of the changes that could come out of the proposed Statement of Principles - Revenue.

So why don't we give PSAB updates the proactive attention they deserve? Undoubtedly, the biggest factor is time. Finance professionals never have enough of it, and they often only hear about PSAB's Active Projects at a Conference we attend or a blurb in a magazine. 

The fantastic thing about the public sector accounting community is that not only does PSAB ask for your feedback; but in our experience they really take your submissions into consideration. Take a look at the Feedback Statements that are published; it is evident that there is a real review and careful thought put into the comments gathered from the community. 

So even though we do not have a lot of spare time, prioritizing review and feedback of PSAB's current projects will prepare you for the coming implementation project and relax the tight deadline that might otherwise be in your future. Even better, you have an opportunity to help steer the ship, and perhaps come up with a more efficient, effective and reliable standard that will avoid worst implementation issues.

Here's five quick steps to get involved and stay in the loop: 

  1. Visit the site! The Public Sector Accounting Board has a great site summarizing all their Current, Completed and Deferred Projects .
  2. Sign up for the RSS feeds here and select the information you want to see sent directly to you!
  3. Get involved. Take a perusal through the Open for Comment documents and try your hand at filling one out and submitting it. Remember you can spend as much or as little time as you desire on your responses depending on other time commitments.
  4. Attend the one hour webinars offered and archived on the Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards website
  5. Watch for Update Seminars and courses offered locally through CPA Canada or your provincial body, as well as taking advantage of PSAB seminars offered at any Conferences you may be attending.
  6. Sign up for our blog as we regularly report on PSAB topics. Just click the image below!  

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Originally Posted on 18 April, 2016

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