City of Garland Modernizes its Budget Processes


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The Forward-Thinking City of Garland Overcomes 3 Budget Challenges With 1 Project

  Project: Budget & Budget Book Preparation
  Organization: City of Garland, Texas
  Population: 239,928 (2019 Census)
  Annual Budget: $1.1 billion (Operating + CIP)
  Solution: Caseware & Questica
  Budget Book: Annual Operating Budget
  CIP: Capital Improvement Program
  Success Story: City of Garland


The Challenge

The city of Garland's Budget Department faced a trio of challenges that shared the same root cause: antiquated software solutions, and the business processes required to make them work.

The city relied on legacy budget software to prepare the budget and a combination of Word, Excel, and Adobe to prepare the Capital & Operating Budget Books.

The processes were slow, disjointed, and error-prone.

The Solution

After extensive research, the city's Budget Director, Allyson Bell Steadman decided on Questica Budget to prepare the budget, CaseWare to prepare the budget book, and F.H. Black & Company Inc. to integrate the two and ensure the budget book solution was optimally implemented to maximize their benefits and guarantee project success.

The Project

The implementation process was managed and guided by consultants from FHB. It started with a planning meeting, introduction to FHB's online project management tool, allocation of deliverables, and scheduling of software training. Once trained in the use of their new tools, the FHB team built the Capital Improvement Program budget book template based on the City's specifications. Once complete, a similar process was carried out for the Operating Budget Book. 

The Result

By the end of the sixteen week implementation, the City was able to produce and publish both the proposed and adopted 2020-21 CIP & Operating Budget Books. The City now has a robust, documented, repeatable, and largely automated process for preparing their budget book.

"The Budget & Research Department is in a much better position to produce and distribute budget documents. Our most recent success was having our 2021 Adopted CIP document finalized for publication on the City’s website and distribution to City Council two weeks after adoption".

For more on this project, read the full success story here.

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Originally Posted on 09 July, 2021

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